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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mayans M. C. 1.9: Simplifying the Chessboard

Well, nothing is simple in the complex plot within plot that is Mayans M. C., but in last week's episode 1.9 - the penultimate episode, with the season finale looming next week - we could say that the chessboard was simplified, with the death of a semi-major character and a character a little less important than that, but still significant, and the letting loose of a decisive family secret.

The death of both characters comes from Miguel's alliance with Adelita, who is seeking revenge from the murder of her family, as the price of her professional union with the Galindo cartel.  The objects of her revenge are the current priest who as a younger man sold out her family, and Devante, Miguel's current consigliere, who as a younger man was a "lieutenant" in the attack on Adelita's family.  Miguel's discovery that Devante lied about the death of Miguel's brother years ago was the last straw in his giving Devante over to Adelita's revenge.  This results in the loss of Devante's head.  Significantly, Miguel's mother is not on the scene, but Emily is.  This also speaks to the profound change of power in the Galindos, or maybe a consolation of a change that was already underway.

The secret concerns Emily's one-time lover, E. Z.  To make a powerfully played story short, E. Z. has no power stop the diabolical Potter from revealing to brother Angel that E. Z. has been serving as a spy for the Feds.  Angel has due cause to be more than furious.  Not only does that violate the profound principle of most criminal organizations not to be a stooge - hey, Whitey Bulger was just murdered in prison, in his 80s, because of that - but Angel is now personally on the line if anyone in the M. C. finds out that his younger brother was feeding the DEA any information.

Angel's learning this secret certainly makes the chess game a little more clear, but with Potter nothing is ever clear and no one is out of danger.  We'll see this week how the Reyes' family and everyone connected with them deal with the steeply priced deal Potter has offered the brothers.

As for episode 1.7, it was one of the best episodes of the series, as next-to-last episodes often are, and amidst all the great scenes, I though the most emblematic was the motor bikes scaring a mouse off the road into the mouth of a snake.  Yeah, those Mayans are a powerful bunch.

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