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Monday, November 26, 2018

Ray Donovan 6.5: Politics in the Ray Style

Haven't had a chance to review the past few episodes of Ray Donovan - I thought they were excellent - but I'm back with a review of 6.5, on earlier tonight.  I thought that was excellent, too.

The thread I liked the best was Ray applying his customary strategy to put Sam's Mayoral candidate Anita back in the race.  By "customary," I mean any combination of putting opponents in embarrassing situations, threats of violence, actual violence, and the like.  Tonight, it was all violence, some of it real, some feigned. 

Lena's roughs up one of her women.  Later, a hooded Daryll pretends to be beat her up in the park.  All so Anita who appears on the scene at just the right time can play the hero.  Classic Ray - this time applied to politics not show business.  But, hey, there's not much difference between the two anymore, if ever there was, is there?

Everybody's happy (except, no doubt, Anita's opponent).  Especially Anita, whose happiness spills over into wanting to sleep with Ray.  He doesn't want to, but - again, classic Ray - he obliges with some semi-rough sex.  That, unlike the incident in the park, at least was real.

As I said in earlier reviews, I think Ray and Ray Donovan have gained a real energy in their move to New York City.  The place tingles with energy.  Every time I'm away, even on Cape Cod which can be paradise on Earth, I feel like I've been plugged back in when I get back to New York.  Much like the character and the series.

And I'll try not to miss too many more reviews of this fine season.

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