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Monday, January 28, 2019

Counterpart 2.7: Good Metaphors


Not much forward momentum tonight in Counterpart 2.7 after last week's revelatory double-young Yanek episode, but there were lots of heated conversations and one good shoot-out.

The most striking conversation was  Fancher telling off Peter and his "daughter" Clare.   He doesn't like the way she's changed, and he blames Peter and his ineptitude.  Little does he know that the change he's seeing in her comes from her being not his daughter but her counterpart.   The scene epitomizes what Counterpart, especially in this its second season, does best: showing the absurdities in human relationships wrought by counterparts taking over each others' lives.  A good metaphor for our off-screen reality.

Over on the other side, our Howard pretending to be Howard Prime actually brings out the best in him.   His devotion to Emily Prime, who is giving him what his/our Emily did not, moves him to action and gunplay.  The two survive but not before both are shot.   They'll both survive, and now more bonded than ever.  This, too - pretense leading to uncovering truths about ourselves - is a good metaphor for our real lives.

As for the central plot, it moved a micrometer along with the call for a general meeting of both sides as the first step in implementing Yanek's daughter's desire on the other side to shut the door between the worlds for good (in both senses of the word).  I'm pretty sure some of the people  wesaw shortly after this opening were the current older versions of young Yaneks' teams in evidence last week, and that was a good touch.

See youse next week.

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