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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Captain Phil interviews Paul Levinson about his Music, Views of Trump, and Ultima Thule

Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 115 - a 2019 New Year's special - in which Captain Phil (on WUSB Radio) interviews me about my music, views of Donald Trump, and NASA's Ultima Thule fly-by.  Not only that - Phil plays, for the first time on any radio station, three rough mixes from my forthcoming Welcome Up album of science fiction songs, to be released by Old Bear Records this Spring: "Samantha", "If I Traveled to the Past", and "Welcome Up".  I always have a good time talking to Phil, but these 90 minutes were really out of the ball park.
Relevant links:
1. Music from my one other album - Twice Upon a Rhyme (1972) - on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.
2. Bill O'Reilly's interview with me about Catherine Bosley: the video.
3. My review of Alec Nevala-Lee's Astounding.
4. My best-known book about Trump: Fake News in Real Context

Check out this episode!

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