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Monday, January 7, 2019

Ray Donovan 6.11: Settled Scores and Open Questions

So many scores were settled, and loose ends tied up, in Ray Donovan 6.11 that was on last night, it almost could have been a season finale.  As it was, it was the penultimate episode, and these are often better than the finale episodes in television, anyway.

The main developments:  Ray has Bridge back and she's ok, Mac took his own life (too bad), and the three murderous cops involved in her abduction are dead, too (good).   What's left to be decided?

In just the Donovan family, Mickey's fate still hangs in the balance.  He was excellent, once again, working with Ray rather than against him, to find and save Bridget.  But Terry was convinced to turn on Mickey by the Feds, as the only way to save Bunch.   I'm sick and tired of Mickey in jail, so I'm really hoping he finds a way of beating this.

Regarding New York politics, Ray still has the Mayor and Samatha to deal with.  It's tough to say whom he hates more.  Assuming he believes the Mayor's denial of ordering Bridget's abduction, I'd say the antipathy is about equal.  And maybe Ray will do what he can to bring down Sam.  Or, knowing Ray, he could figure of a way of destroying both of them.

On the other hand, Showtime has already greenlit a seventh season, in New York, so it's just possible that both of these villains - Sam and the Mayor - will survive.   But while we're at this, what happened to Lena?  Is she still in New York?  I'd like to see her reconciled and working with/for Ray next year.

But who cares what I want?   Next week's season finale has already been recorded, and I'll have no say at all about the seventh season.  Which is actually good, 'cause I like to be surprised.

See you here next week.

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