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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Outlander 4.10: American Stone

Another superb episode of Outlander - 4.10 - just on tonight.  I know I'm repeating myself here, but these episodes just keep getting better and better, making this the best season so far, in my not so humble opinion.

The biggest reveal came at the end of the hour, as it often does in Outlander.  There's a time-traveling stone in the forest in America!  This raises all kinds of future possibilities, as well as travels to the past and the future that may have already happened here in America.  Meanwhile, the episode leaves us wisely on the edge of not knowing whether Roger will take the gate back to the future.

And also significant regarding the stones is what Claire says to Brianna about going through the stones with a baby in her arms.   As far as we know, people travel through the stones individually.  A pregnant woman can get through with her baby just fine, as Claire did.  But a babe in arms is something else - and something, at least at this point, unknown as to whether the two will arrive together, and whether a baby can travel through with no ill consequences..

Back at the homestead, Brianna was at her very best tonight, telling off Jamie and Young Ian.   It was the maid's fault, though, that Roger was beaten.  And even Claire has some responsibility for not telling Jamie right away that Brianna's rapist was Bonnet.   The only one not to blame for this was Brianna.  (Well, Murtaugh, too.)

I was especially glad to hear the Mohawks talking about a river that flows both ways.  I liked that concept so much, I made it the basis of my science fiction novel, Borrowed Tides, the first section of which is entitled "The River that Flows Both Ways" (after the great Rick Nestler's song that our kids sang in Fieldston Outdoors every summer.)

And I'll see you here next week.

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