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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Outlander 4.12: "Through Time and Space"

A powerful episode 4.12 of Outlander tonight, with the best line offered by Roger, who explains to the priest who "sinned" by sleeping with a Mohawk woman and fathering her child, that he (Roger) has traveled through time and space.  I like that kind of talk in a time-travel story.

Roger also reveals to the priest and us that he had a chance to escape, but decided to stay.  This means that the stones he saw in the forest were not a dream, just his 20th-century shower was.  I'm very glad, for the sake of future stories, that there are time-travel stones in America after all.

Plot-wise, it's also good that Bonnet (likely) escaped.  He's a man who does horrible things, but his survival is also good for future stories.  Same with Murtagh - who is a good man - surviving.

But the Mohawk part of the story had some unbelievable aspects - or parts which required more explanation.  Why should they care so much about the priest baptizing his child?  They don't believe in the priest's religion.  And it's also a little difficult to believe that Roger would run back to save or help the priest, when he could have kept on running, back to his own time, or, even better, to Brianna.   Indeed, unless he no longer loves Brianna, he would not sacrifice his own life, or so blatantly risk sacrificing it, which is what running back to Shadow Lake did for him.

And one last point - Fergus and Marsali going to Fraser's Ridge puts them right in line for that fire which started Brianna on her trip to save her parents in the first place.   Looking forward to seeing how this turns out next week.

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