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Friday, January 6, 2023

Echo 3 1.9: Yes!

A superb, break-neck speed, thoroughly satisfying episode 1.9 of Echo 3 up on Apple TV+ today.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Yes!  Prince and Bambi and their team finally liberated Amber from that prison she was in, but it certainly wasn't easy.  Interesting, as always, to see the slightly different but complementary roles Amber's husband and brother played in freeing her.

Bambi is the better battle strategist, calling shots on the move, on the fly, with piercing accuracy.  But Prince is the one who refuses to give up on the mission, even when Bambi rightly says that the mission and therefore Amber is in grave danger with the oversight towers that we took no longer in action.  The enemy tank could have ended the mission, and it was great to see the savvy and daring with which it was taken out.

So, what happens next?  Our three leading characters are still a long way from home, deep in enemy territory.  The Venezuelans know that it wasn't the Colombians who freed Amber, and the Venezuelans will be doing everything in their power to recapture Amber and kill the team who demolished their compound.  A big continuing question is what role the US government will play in all of this.  At the very least, they/we will need to unofficially help get Amber, Prince, and Bambi up in the air and back home.

So far, all three have survived, against incredible odds.   I hope we see them standing and back on American soil in the season finale next week.

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