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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Your Honor 2.1: Scorching

Your Honor returned for its second and final season on Showtime yesterday, and it was about as brutal, wrenching, and ugly as it comes.  Even more so than the first season?  Yeah, especially with the judge being force-fed in prison.

[Probably some spoilers ahead ... ]

One thing I didn't particularly like was the jumping between the future (when the judge is in prison) and the present, which picks up right where season one left off.  The jumping makes the searing story, already complex and multi-faceted, a little difficult to follow.

But that said, both stories, of course interconnected, are riveting.  Rosie Perez plays a new character, Detective Delmont, who gets Desiato out of prison in return for his cooperation in her attempt to put Jimmy Baxter behind bars.  As we increasingly saw in season one, it's Baxter's wife Gina who is truest villain in this story.  Hope Davis as Gina and Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy are excellent, as they were last year.

In the part of the story that is close to the present, it was good to see Eugene escape, even though I of course hate what he did to Adam.  But that was an accident.  The interaction among the various members of that rival crime family is an important counterpart and contributor to the battle between the judge and the Baxters.

But Eugene escaping is not quite the biggest surprise in this first episode of the second season.  That would be Fia being pregnant with Adam's baby.  This of course means that when this second season concludes, the Desiastos and the Baxters will be literally bound together, in the best way possible.  Given the deep grim gravity of this story, the smile of a baby would be much welcome.

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