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Friday, December 30, 2022

Echo 3 1.8: The Past

An instructive episode 1.8 of Echo 3 on Apple TV+ tonight -- wisely entitled "Family Matters" -- as our guys move in for their ultimate rescue mission.

[Spoilers follow about the history that's revealed ...]

There were two very significant pieces of the past that we saw:

1. How Banbi as a boy kills his abusive father, with Amber seeing that and wholly approving.  This, in effect, started Bambi on his career as a bad-guy killer, and it explains completely his devotion to his sister.

2. What really happened with Bambi and Prince when they were under attack by the Taliban.  We saw a lot that in an earlier episode.  What's now revealed is that Bambi had a choice in saving either Prince or the other member of their team, and chose to save Prince.  And the reason is directly connected to Amber supporting Bambi is his killing of their abusive father: Bambi had promised his sister that he would always look out for Prince.  Also news is that Bambi still feels guilt about letting the other commando die, and he resents Pince because of that.

There are still two concluding episodes yet to be seen in this series.  But episode 1.8 provides crucial background to  what we'll be seeing the first two weeks of January.  I know this series is based on an Israeli series, and I'm glad I haven't seen it.  Because, at this point, I can honestly say that I don't who will come out of this alive.  I certainly hope its Bambi, Prince, and Amber.

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