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Friday, December 9, 2022

Echo 3 1.5: Currents

I gotta say, I thought that long scene in Echo 3 1.5 on Apple TV+ with Amber battling her way down the currents of whatever that water is called, trying to make her way, I guess to the Amazon, as the woman played by Franka Potente had told her (always, a great performance), well, I thought that long scene was just one masterpiece of work.  That scene alone made the whole episode worth seeing.  And there are other reasons.

[Ok, some spoilers above, and there'll be more ahead ... ]

I liked the fish that Tomas was praising -- it sure looked delicious to me -- but when he later blamed the bad way he looked on bad fish, I couldn't tell whether he was lying then about the fish, or lying when he earlier said the fish was wonderful, to Amber.

The other good thing about that fish, even if it was little obvious, was that a dead fish out of water with its mouth open could easily be taken as a metaphor of what Amber was trying to avoid.  Or, more precisely, she's already a fish out of water with an open mouth, but trying very hard not to be dead.   Optimist that I am, I would have much prefered her escaping to ending up back in captivity, even though I know this is only the fifth episode, and the end of just Part 2 on this refreshing series.

Yeah, I think it's a refreshing take on a trite subject, and that makes the swift, dangerous currents she was contending with even better to see, because for all the peril they provided they were also viscerally refreshing to see.  Also impressive is that Amber was the only major character in this episode, a daring move in a series in which the trinity of three major characters was so well established in the very first episode.

Echo 3 also feels like it's moving very slowly and very quickly at the same time.  Is that a characteristic of currents?  I don't know, but it's working very well in this series, and  I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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