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Friday, December 23, 2022

Echo 3 1.7: Your Mother Should Know

Well, episode 1.7 of Echo 3 up on Apple TV+ today had lots of exciting moments, but my favorite was ...

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Amber's mother (therefore also Bambi's mother and Prince's brother-in-law) took out that bad guy in the bathroom where Prince and Bambi were holding the Venezuelan minister's brother (the DJ) hostage.  Everything about that scene was memorable.  Three bad guys attack the house.  The member of the team Prince and Bambi left behind to keep the DJ from being sprung takes out of two of the bad guys, but he's killed by the third (that was the mother's fault -- the good guy turned up the soccer game on television really loud to drown out the music the mother was playing -- I would have turned up the soccer game, too, and I don't even follow the sport).  But the mother amply redeems herself.  She turns on the shower.  The bad guy comes up and shoots through the curtain.  And the mother, waiting for him in the bathroom, not in the shower, blows him away with one shot from the weapon she took from Bambi and Prince's stash.

That was one righteous kill.  And there were other good scenes.  Like when the sight of the DJ about to be tortured fails to move the Minister, who boasts about what he's going to do to Amber, which almost pushes Prince to kill the DJ right there, until Bambi verbally restrains him.  The two continue to be a formidable duo.

I have to say that though I usually see where a season of a series is headed and likely to end before now, I really haven't a clue about Echo 3.  It comes with action in a complex story that make sense step by step, but plays its ultimate cards very close to the chest.

Which is something I always like to see.

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