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Friday, December 16, 2022

Echo 3 1.6: Fighting Back

It was good to see Prince, Mitch, and Bambi fight back in Echo 3 1.6 after Amber's heroic but unsuccessful attempt to escape last week.

[Spoilers ahead ...]

This time, Prince takes the lead.  He needs to get Bambi, who's been spending his days drinking, back in action.  (Tough to say whether Bambi's protestations that he's in fact working on plan to get Amber free is really happening or just in his head.)  Mitch plays the most major role we've seen for him so far, and the team of three certainly need him keeping them on track.

Their plan is a good one: kidnap the brother of a Venezuelan official who could get the Colombians to release Amber.  The meat of the hour was the actual kidnap of the brother, a dj in a stadium, and it was fun to see it succeed after at least one false start and all kinds of obstacles.

This brother now being in hand, which is the way the episode ended, may be the first time we've seen an attempt to spring Amber last more than one episode.  Good to see.  And also good to see were Prince and Bambi "kiss and make up" (Mitch's apt description), as they each confessed to each other's missteps in this whole Amber being taken prisoner business.  Also of note was Bambi's accepting Prince's confession that he cheated on Amber -- Bambi's sister -- telling Prince just to make sure he doesn't tell Amber.

Although there have been movies and TV shows with similar stories and action, there's something about Echo 3 that keeps me very eager to see the next episode.

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