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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Star Trek: Picard 3.2: Picard's Son

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

We found out at the end of Picard 3.1 that Beverly Crusher has a son in addition to Wesley.  And we find out at the end of Picard 3.2 that Jack Crusher's father is Picard.  That's a nice, game-changing development, and amply explains why we didn't know of Jack in previous Star Treks.

The other nice touch in 3.2 is seeing Worf.  Unfortunately, we see little more than seeing him.  But that's at least an intro to learning much more about where he's been and what he's been doing over these many years.

Otherwise, I have to say that this second episode was somewhat pro-forma and not exactly bursting with original scenes and stories.  At this point, the most interesting new character is Captain Liam Shaw, well played by Todd Stashwick.  It's fun seeing someone in command so unimpressed by Picard and Riker.  And it's entirely understandable, given that he's not privy to a lot of what we saw in Star Trek: TNG.

But, more seriously, I said last year* that I was enjoying Strange New Worlds much more than Picard, which was surprising, given how much I loved Star Trek: TNG.  And so far, though I very much enjoyed the first episode of Picard Season 3, the second episode alreadys seem to be suffering from the same ennui.  Seeing our favorite characters back in older action is great, for sure.  But I'm still waiting for a story as riveting as Strange New Worlds, and the original Next Generation.


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