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Friday, February 24, 2023

The Ark 1.4: Hallucinations

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Well, I guessed early on that the source of the hallucinations in The Ark 1.4 was the water from the comet -- the giveaway was in the everybody drinking up (or down) the new abundance of water drained from the comet -- but that guess didn't stop me from enjoying this rollickingly good episode.

In which we learned a bunch of things, in which most importantly not only is Garnet not the (or even a) killer, but she's a twin, which means the video that shows her slitting the guy's throat was not a deep space fake, it was a video of her twin sister.

Also, we learn about Garnet that she has some improved DNA which makes her especially fit to lead the ship, though that may not be exactly what the DNA was intended for.  We also learn about whom various other people on the crew have special affections for, and that both deepens these characters and gives us foundations to understand their future actions.

Strickland had a bigger role than usual, and that was welcome, as he's become one of my favorite characters.  Someone who's not bound to any code but his or her own is good for the ship, if that code seems logical and moral, which Strickland's apparently is.

But let's look at the very ending.  The Ark seems to make a habit of revealing very crucial and dangerous things in the very last scene, a time-honored but still very effective way of telling a story in a television series. This time the reveal is that the calamity that befell the ship might have been the result of an attack by a non-human intelligence out there in the depths of space.  So by this forth episode, the lethal danger facing the ship has ratcheted up from an asteroid to aliens -- though, come to think of it, the attack could have come from humans after all, maybe time-traveling humans from the future.

Whatever it is, bring it on.  I can't wait to see more, and I'll see you back here next week with my next review.

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