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Monday, February 13, 2023

The Last of Us 1.5: Tunnels

Another superb episode of The Last of Us on HBO Max -- 1.5 -- in what is shaping up, hour for hour, as the best post-biological apocalypse series I've ever seen (and that includes, yes, The Walking Deads).

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

I entitled this review "Tunnels" because they play a crucial role in 1.5.  First, they almost provide a safe escape route for Henry and Sam and Joel and Ellie out of Kansas City.  And when they're attacked near the end by the fascist anti-Fedra militia, it's the horde of fungus heads coming out of tunnels -- well, at least from under the ground -- that saves the four again.

Again, but not for long:  in one of the most profound series of scenes in the series so far, it turns out Sam has been bitten ... Ellie tries to save him by coating some of her blood on Sam's wound ... but that doesn't work, and Henry kills what Sam has become and then himself.

But why didn't Ellie's blood stop the infection in Henry?  I had a feeling it wouldn't, as she was painting her blood on the outside of Sam's wound, because the fungus infection was likely already inside and all over his body via his circulatory system.  Maybe a blood transfusion would have saved Henry.  But Ellie's curative blood on the outside of the wound just wasn't enough.

The truth is, we still don't know much if anything at all about why Ellie has survived.  Maybe it was something in her lymphatic system, and not in her blood at all.  Or there could be something else in her DNA that makes her resistant, which cannot be transfused via her blood or lymphatic system at all.  We see a bit of discussion in the coming attractions about why Ellie's attempt to save Sam didn't work, and I'm looking forward to finding out more in the episodes ahead.

Which I'll be reviewing here every week.

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