Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men Back for 3

A tip-top Season 3 premier of Mad Men tonight. Betty's well into her pregnancy, the Brits have taken over the firm, and-

1. The head of accounts is fired. Pete is told he'll be the new accounts chief. He's chuffed, as only Pete can be. But his pure joy is short-lived. It's diluted by the news that Cosgrove has been appointed to the same position. The Brits are apparently trying to see who will make the best head of accounts. Nothing like a little good old fashioned capitalist competition...

2. Don and Sal are off to Baltimore to shore up the British London Fog account (I have a London Fog coat and I love it, just sayin'). The big story here, though, is not the Fog of coats but the fog of human relationships. Don is seduced by a blond bombshell stewardess. It's not 100% clear how far they go, because a fire alarm interrupts them. (They probably already slept together.) And this leads to the most important development in tonight's season opener...

3. On his way down the fire escape with the stewardess (he with a jacket and pants he hastily puts on, she in the London Fog), Don passes by Sal's window, and sees him in the room with a bell boy. Don's shocked. A significant part of the series has now changed, because someone now knows Sal's secret. Later on the plane back to New York, Don assures Sal, and advises him to "limit your exposure" - good advice for Sal in the early 1960s, as well as the new slogan for the London Fog campaign. Most importantly, Don has again revealed himself as a decent human being. With all of his flaws, he still manages to do the right thing when the chips are down.

So a punchy, satisfying new beginning for Mad Men. And ever on the edge of the 1960s and today, Harry Crane had a great few lines bemoaning the high tax brackets for people who make a lot of money. Those eternally recalcitrant Republican ad execs...

5-min podcast review of Mad Men

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