Monday, August 31, 2009

Illusion, Eisenhower, and Texting in True Blood

The best moment in last night's True Blood 2.11 was Bill threatening Eric about Sookie. This red hot triangle is the heart and soul of the season.

Bill's meeting the Queen was also pretty good. I especially liked her entourage standing by the pool, and she had a good line about Eisenhower. And also a more or less complete explanation of what Maryann is, and some hints for Bill about how to combat the Dionysian psycho.

Back in Bon Temps, it was nice to hear Sookie complain about the five hours it took her phone to receive Bill's text message - nice, because it's gratifying to know that not only we humans in the real world have these problems, so do vampires and mind readers in this alternate world down South.

But Maryann is no joking matter, as the tension ratchets up for the season finale in two weeks. She's recaptured Tara, and now Lafayette has bedazzled eyes, too. This leaves just Sam and Sookie, Jason and Andy, to combat her. But Bill's on his way back, and Eric will no doubt be in this battle. How will they prevail over the immortal maenad?

The Queen said something about illusion....

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