Monday, August 24, 2009

Maryann vs. the Good in True Blood

Well, we finally got to see Maryann the maenad vs the assorted forces of good in last night's episode 2.10 of True Blood on HBO. And, as befitting a not yet quite season finale, the results were tantalizingly inclusive.

1. Bill gives Maryann's neck a go, and ends up sick to his stomach. Whatever's in Maryann's veins, it's a far, savage cry from human blood.

2. Sookie has better luck. Before she helps Bill out of Maryann's presence, Sookie ignites some of light jolt between her and Maryann - and, most intriguingly, Maryann doesn't know what that is. But she likes it, and is curious, because it's something new to her. So, apparently, is Sookie and her powers, which until now have been only mind-reading (but not of vampires). Sookie's extended powers may also be part of the source of Eric's powerful attraction to her.

3. In the best scenes in the show, Tara's mother, Lafayette, Bill, and Sookie do an "intervention" with Tara, to try to get her out of that wild-eyed state induced by Maryann. Tara's mother and Lafayette have no luck ("this is the worst intervention ever," Lafayette says). Sookie can't get past the darkness in Tara's mind. Bill thinks a little glamming might open the door, and he's right - it helps Sookie finally get in there, and unlock Tara's mind.

So the battle is looming. Sam and Jason and Andy prevail over the demented town people, in a series of scenes that have a better ending than Night of the Living Dead. Bill's off to get some ultimate vampire help from "the Queen". And we've got just two more episodes to go.

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