Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nurse Jackie Finale and Dangerous Bubbles

I caught the Nurse Jackie season 1 finale on Showtime On Demand a few days ahead of time. Here's a mostly spoiler-free review...

First, given that Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a second season, you know she's going to live. But will the bubbles of delusion she has carefully constructed around her intersecting personal and professional lives?

The whole season has been an incredible, sometimes unbelievable, but entertaining even riveting dance on the edges of these bubbles. How can Jackie be happily married to a great husband, with two children, and happily carrying on an affair with the pharmacist in the hospital? It's not just because she needs the drugs - she's clearly enjoying the affair. And now she's playing with additional fire with the pretty boy young doctor.

And how can she keep feeding her ferocious drug addiction under everyone's noses in the hospital?

And while she's doing all of this, she manages - usually - to come through for her friends.

Rather than resolving these impossible matters - rather than bursting any of the bubbles - the finale keeps them afloat, and indeed casts Jackie into a bigger, more dangerous bubble ....

And I'll be back with my musings on that when the next season debuts.

5-min podcast review of Nurse Jackie

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