Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finding Killers vs. Hearts on The Closer

A tender episode 5.11 of The Closer last night, with Sosie Bacon (real life daughter of Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon) once again playing a crucial role as Brenda's niece Charlie (spunky, compassionate ... a lot like Brenda). I'm hoping Charlie will become a permanent resident on the show.

Brenda comes upon a double shooting in a school yard, as she's driving Charlie. One of the boys is dead, the other wounded. Brenda asks Charlie to keep an eye on the wounded boy (Jake) in the hospital. He's about Charlie's age, the two strike up a conversation and the beginning of a relationship. Jake - well played by Philip Ettinger - tells Charlie he was "dumped" by his girlfriend. "Why?" Charlie asks - in a perfect tone of incredulity, which tells us and Jake that she likes him.

But Jake takes a turn for the worse - the shrapnel that hit him creates virulent infections - and it soon becomes clear that he won't live though the night. Brenda knows this from the doctor. Charlie, now at home, does not. Brenda needs to question Jake one more time to find the killer, and this again pitches her into a conflict between doing her job (finding the killer) and doing the right thing for someone she cares about. Charlie wants to come to the hospital to see Jake again, and Brenda says no.

She later explains to Charlie, after Jake has died, that she didn't know how much time Jake had left, and she needed that time uninterrupted, so she could ask her questions. Significantly, she doesn't lie to Charlie - she could have said that she didn't know Jake was that close to death.

And so Brenda's difficult tightrope walk between finding killers and finding her heart continues. With Charlie in the picture, the stakes are expanding beyond Fritz.

5-min podcast review of The Closer

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