Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood: Godric, Eric, and Sookie on the Roof

Well, I predicted last week that Godric would not survive the bomb blast. I was wrong - he did survive. But I was right that he would not survive too long.

True Blood 2.9 had an ending that cried out to the cosmos, as Godric stands on the roof in the dawning sun, and ends his life of 2000 years on this planet. Eric tries in vain, tears of blood in his eyes, to convince Godric to live. Sookie tries in vain, sweet human tears on her face, and she bears witness to Godric's noble suicide.

Eric needs to leave the roof before the sun is up, but he was center stage for most of this fine episode. Most importantly, he tricks Sookie into sucking silver bullets out of his body - he was hit by them in the blast, but his vampire healing would have pushed them out without Sookie. The result is that Sookie, having swallowed some of Eric's blood, now has an emotional/erotic connection to him.

She dreams about making love to Eric, as she lies next to sleeping Bill. The triangle is pulsing.

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Sam keeps free of Maryann by turning into a fly - nice touch, with a nod to the science fiction classic. And Maryann is going from bad to worse in her obsession to get Sam.

Is she more potent than the vampires? Three episodes left to see what damage she does, and who's left sleeping at the end.

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