Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Blood Boiling

A powerful True Blood this week - episode 2.8 - with apparent resolutions to a number of situations and crises, including -

.Jason has finally snapped out of it. Sookie being in danger got Jason in motion. Great goodbye scene with him and Sarah...

.Godric's rescued - though it turns out he may not have needed to be. He's a transcendant vampire, seriously seeing the need for peaceful co-existence and cooperation between humans and vampires. He's also the oldest and most powerful vampire we've seen so far. But I have a feeling he's not long for this world (see below).

.Eric's attraction to Sookie is becoming more obvious - it's good to see him and Bill on a slow collision course over this.

.Godric finally sends Lorena packing. Bill steps out of the nest with her, to see her off, when-

And here's where everything might change in an instant. A suicide bomber from the Fellowship sets off a bomb in the nest. Everyone - except Bill and Lorena - is at risk of dying in the big explosion.

Of course, vampires heal very quickly - as we were reminded of this again in a delicate moment with Jessica and Hoyt - and vampires can restore even critically wounded humans.

But I'm thinking someone important is bound to die in this explosion, and my best guess is Godric. We'll see next week...

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