Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edward M. Kennedy

It is beyond sad that Edward M. Kennedy has died. It is deeper, bigger, connected to something far more profound in the cosmos and the lives of people in my generation than just sadness.

I remember Walter Cronkite announcing the death of John F. Kennedy on television in 1963. I remember the headline on some New York paper in 1968 ... "Now Bobby..." Two of the worst memories in my life.

I don't think our culture has ever fully recovered from those losses. But Ted Kennedy tried. I regretted that he couldn't make it to the Presidency in 1980. But he made a difference. Perhaps most importantly in his endorsement of Barack Obama in that razor close primary with Hillary Clinton. It made a difference. It helped change America and the world.

At least Ted Kennedy died of natural causes. But death is never good. He could have lived a few more years, even a few more decades.

But we're fortunate that he lived and worked for the best instincts in America as long as he did. Although he won't be able to help directly in the great battle of our time, the battle for universal health care in America, his spirit won't be very far. Rest in peace. Your dream, our dream, will never die.
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