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Friday, May 7, 2010

Bones 5.20: Ergo Together!

The two big frustrations I had going into tonight's episode of Bones - 5.20 - is that Bones and Booth are not yet together romantically (hopeless case, maybe) and that neither are Angela and Jack, especially given the salient fact that they once were.  Well, leave it to an episode written Kathy Reichs - anthropologist and author the series of novels upon which Bones the TV series based - to take care of the second, in a delightful, superb episode no less!

Here's how that happened:  Angela and Jack are driving back from the crime scene (more on that, below), Jack's "driving like an old lady" (Angela's description), i.e., weaving a little as they're doing some research via their iPhone or whatever, when the last of the straight-laced sheriffs pulls them over.  When it turns out that both have outstanding warrants for minor nonsense, the sheriff puts them in jail until the local judge can adjudicate.

Thanks goodness for the sheriff!   The single cell Angela and Jack are in - overnight - gives them a chance to realize what we've all realized, that is, the two are right for each other.   Before they're sprung from the pokey, the pokey judge at last arrives, and not only springs but marries them.  Excellent!

Meanwhile, back on the forensic anthropology front, the real culprit in this crime, which entails the murder of a witch by other good witches, is one of the ergot fungi, of the genus Claviceps.  Ergot grows on rye and related grains, and produces profound hallucinogenic states.  It's been implicated, via anthropological forensic theory, in everything from belief in demons in the Middle Ages to demonization of witches then and in more modern times.   Tonight it's the trigger that transforms a coven of good witches into killers.

Kathy Reichs should write more episodes.    It's been original author's night on television, with Reichs writing this episode of Bones and Robert J. Sawyer, author of the novel upon which FlashForward (also in the 8-9 hour) is based, writing tonight's episode for that series (see my review).  A great night of television!

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