Monday, May 3, 2010

24 8.20: Jack vs. Dana

You know what I really like about Jack Bauer?

He comes upon the guy holding a gun to Dana's head.  He needs her alive, so he can get the evidence she says she has about the people behind Renee's murder and the almost-dirty bombing of Manhattan.  The guy with the guns tells Jack he won't dare shoot, and risk killing Dana (because the guy could get off a shot an instant before Jack's bullet got him).  How many times have you seen that before?   On how many shows?   But not here, not now.  Jack shoots him dead, before the words are out of his mouth.  That's what I like about Jack.

So he springs Dana, and she leads Jack and Cole to the evidence, only to get the jump on Cole, kill a few more people, and nearly escape from Jack.   And he finds her, he gets the evidence she is carrying- and kills her.  Saved and killed by the same hero.   That's power of 24.

But with Dana's death, we'll now never know if Jack was telling Cole and Dana the truth when he said he wasn't interested in killing Dana, just finding out who was behind Renee's death and the dirty bomb so he could being them to justice.    Was he telling the truth?   I'm really not sure.   And that's part of appeal of 24 - razor-sharp plots that could turn either way.   And sometimes you can't be sure what happened even after you've just seen it.

Maybe the most likely explanation is that Jack would have let Dana go, but decided he'd better not, after he'd seen the new damage she'd done, after she'd almost gotten away.   Maybe he didn't believe her when she assured him she hadn't killed Cole.   I probably wouldn't have, unless I'd seen it with my own eyes.

So Dana's now history.   She started out a little slowly, but in her own way wound up one of the superior villains on 24, in one of the best seasons of the series.

And Jack's still got Logan and his aide and the Russians to contend with....

Note added 4 May 2010:  At the press conference held earlier today about the capturing of one of the suspects in car bomb that almost went off in New York's Time Square this weekend, NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly - one of the best commissioners in NYC history - quipped that they nabbed the suspect in 56 hours, not quite as good as "Jack Bauer" and his 24 hours.  Shows how relevant 24 still is to the dangerous world in which we live, especially if, like my family and me, you live in or near New York City.

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