Wednesday, May 12, 2010

V 1.11: Lisa's Loyalties

Last night's excellent episode 1.11 of V again centered around what Hobbes calls the "lizard princess" - beautiful Lisa, daughter of Anna - and where her true loyalties reside.

It's tough question to answer, because L:isa and her loyalties - to Anna and the lizards, to Tyler and the humans - are in a state of flux, evolving.   Anna cut Lisa's face and broke her legs in a ploy to gain human sympathy, and, even more nefariously, to nab Hobbes, and a scientist who may have come upon a bio-weapon that could wipe out the Visitors.  Anna gets the FBI to hunt down the scientist - falsely ID'ed as one of Lisa's attackers - and all that's needed for Anna to take him back up to ship to do who knows what is Lisa picking him out of a line-up.

Erica knows that this is a set up.  She pleads with Lisa to stand up to her mother and tell the truth.  But Anna is standing right there, and Lisa toes the Visitor line - she identifies the scientist as one of her attackers.   It seems that, as much as Lisa cares for Tyler, her ultimate loyalties still are with her mother and the Visitors.

But maybe not.   For as the episode ends, it becomes clear that Lisa may have reasons for wanting to stay close to her mother.   She may want a shot at destroying the new V army, conceived by Anna, and about to hatch.

V is getting better with every episode, and has now reached the point of being a thoughtful, emotionally provocative science fiction narrative, as well as exciting.  I hope to see how this plays out, at least for another year.

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