Tuesday, May 18, 2010

House Season 6 Finale: Finally!

A perfect, exquisite episode of House tonight to end the season, with all the things that make House such extraordinary television.

House treats a woman pinned in a building struck by a crane.  He treats her psychologically as well as medically.   Her leg is pinned, and he supports her resisting amputation, until all other options are exhausted.  Cuddy is in favor of amputation sooner, and, when House continues to resist, she accuses him of opposing amputation just to do what she doesn't want, because he can't accept that she's now engaged, as of the evening before, to Lucas.  She gives House about as lacerating a tongue-lashing as ever we've seen.

And House goes back into the collapsed building, and convinces the woman, using every bit of his irrefutable logic, to allow the amputation.  He does this in front of Cuddy, who's impressed.  House performs the amputation himself.   The woman is freed from the building, but she dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  The culprit: a fat embolism, which according to Foreman can happen in an amputation even if performed under better conditions in a hospital.   Her death is not House's fault.

But he takes it personally.   As he explains to Foreman, it's worse that he did everything right, and still the patient died.   He goes home, breaks out the hidden vicodin.

Would he have taken it?   Possibly.   I had a feeling probably not.  But the question is mooted by-

Cuddy, who comes over, to tell House she left Lucas, and loves House.

It certainly won't be, can't be, smooth sailing between these two.  But I've been a fan of Cuddy and House for years now.   She knows there's no one else on Earth like House.  And he knows that there's no one else on Earth who can know him the way she does.

House left his shrink - superbly played by Andre Braugher - last week.   He goes into the next season without drugs or shrink, without even a cane, which he left in the ruins of the building.   But he has Cuddy, and that should be make for one outstanding, exciting, no doubt frustrating, but highly satisfying next season.

5-min podcast review of House 6 finale

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