Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lost 6.14: Jack's Tears

I can't recall ever seeing Jack crying, at least not on the island.  But he was crying at the end of the island part of episode 6.14 of Lost tonight.  Here's how that came to:

In island reality, all of our people - with the exception of Claire - get on a submarine, in a bid to escape.  They do this after getting free from Widmore, with faux-Locke's help.  The plan was to take the plane, but Locke tells them the plane has been wired to blow up.  The sub is the only option - Sawyer's plan all along.  But with the submarine diving, Kate wounded by a rifle shot,  and Locke and Claire on the dock (Sawyer had no choice but to leave without her), Jack discovers that f-Locke had put a bomb in his back pack.   Sawyer wants to disarm it (Sayid explains how);  Jack realizes that disarming it will only cause it to explode (that's what f-Locke wants);  but Sawyer tries to disarm it anyway.  This only makes the bomb-clock tick faster.   Sayid sacrifices himself to get the bomb away, but the explosion kills Lapidus (as a plane pilot, I guess he's no longer needed) and pins Sun.  Jin elects to die with her, as the submarine sinks.   Everyone else - Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate - get safely to shore, though Kate's still wounded and Sawyer has a concussion.

So now you know why Jack is crying.  I felt that way, too.   Sun and Jin were always among my favorite people on Lost.

Why did f-Locke do this?  As Jack realized on the sub, he never really wanted anyone other than himself to leave the island.  He wanted them to die, by their own actions.

The only hope for Sun and Jin would be if the LA reality collapses into the island reality.  The two are alive and well and happy in the LA reality, and possibly they could get their baby from the island reality.

Leakage or passage of information from island to LA reality continued apace tonight, with LA Locke saying "push the button" and "I wish you had believed me".  LA Locke also refuses to let Jack operate on him to restore the use of his legs,  perhaps because LA Locke's in touch with what happened to him when he regained his gait on the island.

Even more significant, our people in better alternate LA reality are beginning to realize the oddity of running into people who were on the 815 flight.  Bernard, who intersects with Jack, says it's "pretty weird,"  and Jack's beginning to wonder about this, too.   Jack also sees Anthony Cooper (in bad shape, but still better than dead), Helen, and Claire.   In fact, he brings Claire a music box that their father Christian left for her, and it plays "Catch a Falling Star".   In another instance of leakage, wasn't Claire on the island singing Catch a Falling Star earlier this season?

It's a pretty appropriate song, and the sky itself seemed to be falling on Lost tonight.

And here's a bit of Pat Hamilton's "Catch a Falling Star"

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