Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Penultimate Lost: Coincidence for Fate in Lost Angeles

A very satisfying even superb next-to-last ever episode of Lost, mainly because of the excellent double story of Ben, in better alternate reality Los Angeles, and back on the island.

In Lost Angeles:  Ben gets beaten by Desmond, who may want to hit and run Locke in the wheelchair again, all for the purpose of putting these alternate reality people into touch with their true (in my view) island selves.   Ben gets beaten because he stops Des in the car, but that's not the only way he's better.

In a really touching scene, Alex and mother Danielle (good to see her again!) invite better Ben to dinner.  Danielle tells Ben that Alex almost looks at Ben as a father - she lost her father when she was two, and Ben's kindness and support of Alex in school has meant everything to her.   Ben is moved to tears.   Amazing but thoroughly believable in this context.  Ben is finally finding the family and happiness that eluded him on the island.

And Ben on the island is equally satisfying, in the opposite, that is, evil direction.   Richard tries to reason with or distract faux-Locke, who turns into the smoke monster and flicks Richard away, to his death, like an irritating flea.   F-Locke approaches Ben - who essentially throws in with Locke.   He shows f-Locke where Widmore and Zoe are hiding.   F-Locke slits Zoe's throat, and before he has a chance to kill Widmore - who is pleading not for his own life, but his daughter Penny's - Ben shoots him dead.  This is the payback that Ben owes Widmore for sending Keamy to the island, where he killed Alex.  And Ben doesn't want Penny to live.

So Ben on the island is now apparently allied with f-Locke - though, I say "apparently," because you never really know with this Ben.   The one thing that consistently motivates him is revenge for the killing of Alex.   Now that Ben has gotten that revenge ...  But, as far as we can see, the two are allied - f-Locke and Ben - and are off to find Desmond on the island (Widmore told f-Locke that Des was Widmore's "fail safe" for destroying f-Locke), as well as Jacob's successor.

Which brings us to the other big part of tonight's episode.   Jacob's dying embers explain it all to Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack.   One of them has to step up and become Jacob's successor.   That would be Jack.

Back in better LA, Jack has a cut on his neck, an expression, I think, of the merging of the two realities that has already begun.   Jack intersects with Claire, Locke - and tells him "I think you're mistaking coincidence for fate," when Locke brings their intersection on the plane and now in LA to Jack's attention.  But of course Locke in LA is right.  And with Des as the continuing spark plug of the intersections, we have Desmond in jail with Kate and Sayid, with Sawyer and Miles on hand as cops.  Kate almost sweet talks Sawyer into letting her go, but it's not necessary, anyway.  Des has bribed Ana Lucia (with Hurley's money) to spring Kate and Sayid, and they all drive away in two cars (not Ana Lucia) as per Desmond's plan.

That plan has something to do with a concert to be given by Jack's son, at which all of our original, major first season Flight 815 people and maybe more will no doubt be in attendance.   For what purpose?

We'll find out this Sunday, but, as I said, I'm thinking it's for some kind of merging of the two realities, in which all of our characters will be alive, in one way or another....

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