Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fringe 2.22: Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming

Actually, they're not tin soldiers, they're Fringe division in the alternate universe, and it's just Nixon on the half dollar (not JFK, who wasn't assassinated in the alternate universe), and there's also Martin Luther King, Jr (not Andrew Jackson) on the $20 bill, not to mention that West Wing is still on television, with a President who looks like Obama (or maybe he's not President - but I'm pretty sure we saw Obama was President for real in this alternate universe last year), and what a tip-top superb alternate universe Fringe 2.22 this was!

We see most of this from the alternate universe side, where Olivia has red hair, Charlie is still one of her partners (or on her team), Walternate seems, well, not only leaner but meaner.  He's taken Peter back with him, but by the end of the episode, it seems Walternate's main reason is not to get back his son, but use Peter to build a weapon to wipe out our universe.  He is, after all, Secretary of Defense in this reality.

Meanwhile, our universe - somewhat aware of this alt-universe goal via our Walter - fields a team to get over to the other side.   Walter is of course also motivated to get back Peter, if possible.  Our team consists of Walter, Olivia, and three other "special children" from the Walter and Bell experiment, now Olivia's age.

One slightly strange thing I noticed in our universe - or maybe it was just me - but did our Walter look a tiny bit younger and cleaner (just a bit).   If so, why?

But it was great to see our  Broyles burst out laughing when he took Walter and Olivia to meet the other three specials.    That was a rarity, but thoroughly explicable - one of the three specials has the ability to transfer psychological states to others - a nice power.  There's clearly a bit of Heroes here, what with children growing into adults with special abilities, but hey, that's the way it is in television land, where, as I noted last week in my review of FlashForward, there is now also a thread of special children being used for specified flashforwards.

There's lots of good psychological development of characters here.   For example, I think Walter's wife on our side committed suicide, because of the doubly awful pain of her original son Peter dying plus she feels guilt over raising the kidnapped Peter.   This in contrast to Peter's mother on the alternate side, who at worst only had her son kidnapped, and maybe she knew that Peter was alive on our side.  So she had more reason to live.

The odds would be totally against our team having any success on the other side - especially with two of them dead, and the more advanced tech of the other side - but we do have our William Bell, who shows up at the end to help our Olivia and Walter.

One thing's for sure: next week in our universe I'll be watching the Fringe finale.

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