Friday, May 14, 2010

FlashForward 1.20: Rehearsal for Unwarranted Retirement

I saw FlashForward 1.20 last night, right before I came across the apparently definite report that the series was not being renewed for next year.   Which is a shame.   FlashForward had a few less than stellar episodes after its strong debut in the Fall, but the last few episodes - including and since Mark saved Demetri from death via Mark's gun - have been excellent on all accounts.

Last night kept the pressure up on Demetri, who may be slated for death anyway, by a universe intent on seeing its original flashforward will done.  In a chilling conversation, Gabriel insists to Demetri that he will indeed die, somehow.   In the meantime, the FlashForward day is tomorrow, and Zoey wants Demetri to fly with her to get married in Hawaii.   Demetri wants to stay and help his colleagues at the FBI.

And there's also this:  Demetri is taking a greater, literally paternal interest in Janis's baby.   She wants none of that, even though she's grateful for the baby.   She's feeling a little more in control of her life, and she finally breaks free of the pet shop lady and the nefarious group she represents.

Simon, on the other hand, is getting more involved in this group, though it's not clear who controls whom.   He sleeps with Annabeth Gish - score one for Simon - but she's just doing that so Simon could be where her boss, head of the bad guys, wants him.  The guy's a quiet, nasty customer, but as far as I could see, Simon came out ahead.

Back to Gabriel: he's keeping the pressure up on Mark, too, telling him how the future belongs to Olivia and Simcoe.    Mark asks if Olivia will at least be happy.  Gabriel assures Mark she will.  I'm still rooting for Mark and Olivia.

Just a few more episodes left.   I'm predicting that FlashForward will go on to become a cult classic.

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