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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bones Back in 6.1: The Linchpin

Bones was back with Season 6 tonight, the perfect pick-me-up after the Yankees horrible loss to the Rays.   The team's back together - after 7 rather than 12 months - and brimming with the usual heart, soul, humor, mystery, and brilliance.

The occasion for the reconstitution is Cam, in trouble when her political enemies jump on her inability to solve a missing child case - what they're really after is stopping her public concern about brain damage in veterans from IEDs.   Caroline the irrepressible Federal prosecutor realizes that Cam needs help, which can only be given by her former team.

Everyone's soon back in business, more or less the same, with these significant differences:  1. Booth is having an affair, as a serious as a "heart attack" (Booth's words) with a hot blond reporter who's now in Iraq.  2.  Angela's pregnant.   This will be a great, fun addition to show (actually, the reporter as well as Angela's baby).

I'm not listing Sweets and Daisy as different because, although Sweets attempts to end it, they kiss and clearly they've got some kind of good future ahead.   Sweet!  (I say this even though I didn't give them much hope in my review of the Season 5 finale last Spring.  My being right is less important than their happiness.)

Lots of good lines in the show.  My favorite:  Booth talking to Caroline about Bones not finding her missing link to humanity (he means in Indonesia).   Caroline's response: "We'd all like to find that" (she means it about Bones in general).

My favorite scene:  Bones and Daisy with the guerrillas in Indonesia.

Favorite riff:  Who is the "linchpin" who keeps the team together?  Bones thinks she is.  Booth is sure he is.  Angela thinks the essential glue is Angela and Hodgins.   My vote: they of course all are, not to mention Hart Hanson, who wrote this fine, coming home episode.

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