Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Event 1.2: Aliens!

We learned on The Event 1.2 last night that the saviors of the President from the plane intent on taking him (and who knows who else) out - the people that the President intended on freeing, after their imprisonment for decades in Alaska - are aliens!

So The Event joins The Invaders, Invasion, and, currently V, as a prime-time network alien story.  It occurs to me that all of these series have the letter "v" in them, so The Event is in an apt as well as good company.

These aliens got here in 1944.  Their DNA is only one-percent different from ours.  But as was pointed out last night, chimps have DNA less than two percent different from ours, and look at all the difference that has made.  (Mozart, Shakespeare, trips to the Moon, and television shows about aliens all reside in that difference.)

You might think that the President, grateful to the aliens for saving his life, would be that much more determined to free them from their fortress of solitude up north.  But now that he's glimpsed the awesome power of their technology, just the reverse is the case.

And there's the question of who was behind the assassination attempt?   A group of humans who wanted to stop the President from freeing the aliens, or another group of aliens, antagonistic to the Alaskans?

The action, the answers, and new questions continue to flow at a fast pace on The Event, which makes it good science fiction television.

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