Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House and Cuddy on the Other Side in Season 7 Premiere

House and Cuddy were finally together at the end of the emotionally harrowing finale of Season 6.   Where will they go from here?

That's one of the many questions House asks Cuddy in the fine premiere of Season 7 of House on Fox last night.   Cuddy asks why he has to analyze everything, but before the day's over, she's asking questions, too.    In other words, House and Cuddy are being true to themselves, which is to the good for their future, or at very least, likely most of this season.

Other good news - in addition to this being really really real - is they're good in bed together, Cuddy has already said she loves House, more than once, and by the end of the episode, he says the same about Cuddy.   They're trying to keep this secret, but that's not likely to last too long, and it only lasts to the extent it did last night because neither as at their posts in the hospital.

Speaking of which, there was a pretty good hospital story last night, too, with Thirteen as usual providing the spark for the solution.  She seemed to be leaving at the end of last year, but was on fine hand last night.   And her secret is discovered - she's not really going abroad for a possible cure, that is, she may be going overseas, but the hospital facility there has no record of her being in the special program.

So the season's off with a genuine new turn.   Can House and Cuddy make it together and continue to effectively perform - that is, brilliantly perform their jobs - as they have all of these years at Princeton‑Plainsboro?   It should be fun finding out.

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