Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Finale: Concrete and Bubbles

A reasonably good Season 3 finale for True Blood on HBO last night, with some satisfying resolutions and surprises.

We last saw Eric and the King bound together, by Eric's hand, in the killing sun.  Godric makes an appearance as a vision to Eric, pleading with his creation to save the King and himself.  To no avail.   But Sookie first pulls Eric and then the King into indoor safety.  Both are seriously charred.   But Eric carefully feeds on Sookie - under Bill's watchful eye - and he soon looks much better.

All of this does cause Eric to reconsider what he wants for the King, but Eric's new plan is even worse for the King:  rather than truly ending him now, keep him alive, impotent, and suffering for a least a hundred years, during which he can do nothing but grieve over the loss of Talbot.   To do this, Eric inters the King, bound in immobilizing silver, in concrete.

And now comes the first surprise:  Bill looks on as the concrete pours and throws the still weakened Eric into the pit - apparently killing, or imprisoning, two vampires with one stone tomb.

Sookie and Bill may now finally have a chance to spend some quality time, back at Sookie's place, and they draw close to each other,  but ... here comes the second surprise:  Eric's at the door.   He wasn't bound by silver, and his smart-talking creation was able to save him.   None too happy with Bill, uninterred Eric now unearths some important truths about Bill to Sookie:  His meeting Sookie was no coincidence.  Bill was on the Queen's business.   More important, Bill allowed Sookie to almost get killed in Season One, so he could be the hero and save Sookie with his compelling blood.

Sookie is once again furious - at both Bill and Eric.   She dismisses both of them, in a torrent of tears and fine cursing, and eventually winds up somewhere down the road with the faerie people, and seems to ascend into some sort of bubbly space craft.

As for the other characters ... Tara's leaving town ... Hoyt and Jessica are finally together, but Hoyt's mother has a gun ... and it sure looks as if Sam shot his brother ...

All in all, a pretty good season, but not as strong as Season One.   But I'll be back with more recap slaps for Season Four next summer.

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