Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NCIS Back in Season 8 Action

And NCIS - the most viewed scripted series on television - was back in action on CBS last night, too.  It was a strong show, with both Gibbs' father and Mike Franks on hand, DiNozzo doing a good Canadian accent, and Vance more in evidence than usual.

Picked up right at the point that the Season 7 finale ended - Paloma (daughter of the killer of Gibbs' wife and daughter, in turn killed by Gibbs years ago) makes good on her threat to take out Gibbs' father, or at least try to.  But Jackson Gibbs is obviously no fool, and escapes her attack unscathed.

Paloma then proceeds to draw Gibbs out with a series of murders, while her brother does his best to confound NCIS with his lies.   He was able to pull the wool a little over Abby's eyes last year, but no one at NCIS is about to be fooled twice.  By the time the episode is over, Paloma's dead, and all accounts are settled, including Vance burying Abby's file that incriminates Gibbs in the killing of Paloma's father.

So NCIS can pretty much start with a new, clean slate this season.  I missed a major role for Ziva last night, but the good news on that score is that Vance seems to have some important business with Ziva's father - that is, probably at least dangerous news for Vance and therefore NCIS, but good news for us because it gets Ziva back front and center.

As I've mentioned before, I always like the continuing, deeper stories.  If NCIS can keep those in some kind of prominence this season, I'll be happy.

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