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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bones 6.2: Hannah and her Prospects

We didn't have to wait too long to meet Hannah, Booth's new love from Afghanistan, a reporter on assignment in Iraq last week.  She's in Washington tonight on Bones 6.2, walking right into a conversation between Booth and Brennan.

Hannah - played by beautiful Katheryn Winnick - is beautiful, bright, and courageous.  She risked her life covering the war in Afghanistan, and Booth met her when he saved her life (which Bones may think is what ignited Hannah's feelings for Booth).   Angela has to warn Hodgins to stop "drooling" over Hannah.   We can well understand Booth's attraction to her, if not (quite yet) his professed love.

How does Hannah measure up against Bones?  Well, no one can have Bones' genius, complexity, innocence and allure.  But Booth has discovered, more than once, when he tries to move his relationship with Bones to another level, that she puts on the breaks.  This will make Booth loath to leave Hannah, unless Bones once and for all wants to be with him, and even then, it's not clear what Booth would do.

I'm therefore thinking that Hannah's going to be around for more than a few episodes, and when she and Booth break up it will be her doing, not his.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, everyone's in fine form,  including Dr. Edison, who comes up with an important piece of the puzzle after Bones chides him for accepting her initial quick-take premises too quickly.  Cam in turn chided Bones for being too tough on Edison, because Cam thinks Bones is acting out her frustration and jealousy over Hannah.   Bones of course denies that motive, and says she was only trying to prod Edison to perform at a more effective level, which he does.

Cam apologizes to Bones, but she must know that she was right.  We the viewers certainly do ....  One of the charms of Bones the series, as I often say,  is seeing what is patently clear to us and all the other characters on the show except Bones and Booth.

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