Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad Men 4.9: "Business of Sadists and Masochists"

Miss Blankenship had the best line in Mad Men 4.9 tonight - our gang's in a "business of sadists and masochists" - and the very close second is a line from Don about her.   It was the most comedy - hilarious at times - I can recall ever on Mad Men, and the episode managed to still work in a lot of serious, poignant punch as well.

Blankenship draws the ultimate blank right at her desk - that is, she drops dead - just a few minutes after Sally has shown up at the door.   Don asks Dr. Faye to take Sally back to his apartment - where the two were in bed just this morning - and when Faye objects, Don gets off that second best line:  "I would have my secretary do it, but she's dead."  That line felt so good, maybe it's actually the best.

This was also the best Sally show so far, with a really outstanding performance by Kiernan Shipka.  Sally wants to get away from Betty, colder than ice, and getting more despicable as a mother with every episode.    Who can blame Sally for wanting to live with Don.   I would have liked to have seen Don say yes to Sally, and maybe that will happen by the end of this season.

Meanwhile, the other big story in tonight's show, not funny at all, but winning, is between Joan and Roger.   The two love each other, no doubt, but at this point only Roger is willing to admit that.   He sends a pair of masseuses of to Joan's home as a present, and has dinner with her the next night.   As they're walking back to Joan's apartment - through a neighborhood Joan says she's not that comfortable with any more - the two are accosted by a stick-up man.   In the aftermath, robbed only their possessions, Joan passionately kisses Roger.  She's in shock because of the gunpoint robbery, and her true feelings come out.   I was glad to see them together.

So this rare episode with some laugh-out-loud humor at Blankenship's expense also had some read tenderness and depth - a fine, refreshing mix for Mad Men.

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