Tuesday, September 28, 2010

House 7.2: House and Cuddy Chapter 2 in the New Relationship

A good House 7.2 last night, in which House and Cuddy continue, no easy thing for each of them.  A lesser show might have made what we saw last week a one-night stand, with House and Cuddy reverting to earlier, non-couple status.   But that would have been unsatisfying, and untrue to the deep feelings that have been brewing between the two for all of these years.

Instead, House the show seems admirably intent on showing House and Cuddy doing their best to make this work.  This includes getting Wilson up to speed, and dealing with House's talented staff.   But most important, will Cuddy be able to effectively supervise House, given their love now increasingly defining their professional relationship?

They disagree on just about everything, just as they did in the past.   Cuddy doesn't want House to tell Foreman and the gang about the relationship, until House and Cuddy tell Human Resources.  House tells Foreman et al right away.   House, as always, wants the most drastic treatment, as his laser medical insight cuts to the very life-and-death core.   For House, the ultimate ethic is saving the patient, and doing whatever it takes to try to make that happen.  For Cuddy, more conventional dos and don'ts apply.  Will Cuddy give in to House now?   Or will House accede to Cuddy's rules, and thereby become a less effective miracle physician?

Both happen on the show, as the two struggle to find an equilibrium.  The key is that they both love and are constantly attracted to each other.   House repeatedly grabs Cuddy's ass.  She puts her hand on his crotch.   Hey, it's all in the tradition of doctors and passions mixing on television, except this is striving for a higher, deeper level, like everything else on House.

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