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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bones 7.5: "Sexy Vehicle"

An extreme-weather Bones 7.5 - Bones' "first tornado," as she notes - with some great wind-blown shots, humor abounding, all topped off with Grandpa Z Z Top in town to take care of Angela and Hodgins' baby (all smiles, and delightful).

The "sexy vehicle" is Sweets' line, about a tornado-hunting truck, and what goes on inside it.   They're looking for the killer of a guy who was not a victim of a storm, at least, not the weather kind.  Booth is understandably protective - he doesn't want Bones accompanying him into tornado territory - and she of course doesn't want him regulating her life.   I'm with Booth on this one - near a tornado is no place Bones should be - but she's irrepressible, shows up anyway, and helps work the case.

Angela and Hodgins would prefer Grandpa Top nowhere near their baby - they don't want him blowin' like a hurrciane and over-stimulating Michael with his music - but his beard has to be enjoyable for a baby to tug, and I've always found "Sharp Dressed Man" both energizing and soothing at the same time.*  Angela and Hodgins see the light pretty soon, and go off to help with the tornadic case.

Bones and Booth never do come to a complete understanding, which is realistic, and good news for a long-term stable relationship (the only way that two strong people can constantly agree on everything is for one or the other to repress feelings, which is a prescription for problems).  Bones is more annoyed that Booth lied to her than that he was so protective.  Booth sincerely apologizes about the white lie in the tornado case (not letting her know he and Sweets were off on the trail for the tornado killer), but insists that he is going to continue to be protective.  Bones accepts Booth's apology, but not necessarily his protectiveness.  This is an adult, serious relationship, and continues to be a refreshing one-of-a-kind in television land.

See you in January with my review of the next Bones, and maybe before then with a review of another show on the dwindling winter screen (well, there's Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and Hell on Wheels).

*And here are a few bars of Sharp Dressed Man with a pic of sexy vehicle ...

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