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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Person of Interest 1.9: Evolution of the Series

Well, Detective Carter finally gets more than an incidental, annoying role in Person of Interest 1.9 - she's the target, the number that comes up, and the episode gives us a pretty good story of Carter's background, who would want to kill her, and Reese and Finch's increasingly desperate moves to protect her.

Carter - like so many characters in law enforcement on television these days - has an Iraq back story.  But in a nice feint, this turns out not to be source of her impending intersection with death.

Eias - Enrico Colantoni from Flashpoint - also may have a role, but I won't say anything more about that, other than it's good to see Colantoni again, and that Elias is definitely in for some kind of Keyser Soze continuing role in Person of Interest, as I mentioned in my review of his first appearance in Person of Interest.

Mark Margolis - who had a great role in the past season of Breaking Bad, and also put in an appearance of Law & Order: SVU a few weeks ago - was also on hand in this episode as Moretti, a memorable character.

But by far the most important aspect of Person of Interest 1.9 is how Reese's protection of Carter - of course she doesn't get killed - will change their relationship and thus the dynamics of the series.  Carter gets that Reese was doing his utmost to make sure she wasn't taken out, but will this get her to give Reese and Finch a pass when their paths cross as Reese and Finch attempt to pull another person away from the jaws of death?  Well, she's a cop. so she can't make life easy for a vigilante, or look the other way, completely, but at least the series is now on a much more interesting footing regarding Carter.

PS - A friend over on Facebook - documentary film maker David Sobelman - asked me to say, in my next review (which this is) what I thought of the introductory sequences in Person of Interest - you know, the people walking around with squares over the heads, to signify the Machine's view.   I like Finch's voice-over, and the mosaic effect is ok, if a little obvious.   Better than Dexter's (great show, but the intro is a little boring already), not as good as Boardwalk Empire's (great show, great intro), if that helps.

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