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Monday, December 19, 2011

Terra Nova Season One Finale

Well, Terra Nova saved it up for its season one finale just concluded on Fox tonight - and, with this season cut short, and a second not yet announced, this may well have been the series finale.  More would be the pity.  Tonight's two hours were the best since the two-hour season premiere, and in some ways even better.

One major character bravely dies.  Two even more major characters are almost killed, but somehow survive.   All characters are operating at their very best - or worst - which makes for a good story.

The most significant development - which goes beyond any individual character - has Jim traveling back to the future to blow up Hope Plaza.  This means no more people and shipments from the future.  One week after Taylor's brilliant, twisted son opened up the port for two-way business - so his partners in the future could make a fortune plundering the bountiful past - all transactions to and from future are finished.

Or are they?  In the last few scenes, we find that the badlands in Terra Nova have evidence of some other transport from the future.   The nature of these transactions could be the foundation of a second season.

As I've mentioned before, there are aspects of Terra Nova which are trite (the pseudo-military in the colony) and even goofy (Jim's family at times).  But there's a lot of vitality, intrigue, fascination with nature and science that wears quite well on this show.

I'm a sucker for science fiction, that's true.  But Terra Nova has something special, and I'd enjoy seeing the lost in the past family and related characters back with the dinosaurs and prehistoric microbes for at least one more season.

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