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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bones 7.4: The Tush on the Xerox

It was great to see Ralph Waite back on Bones 7.4 as "Pops," Booth's grandfather Hank, in a sad, beautiful episode about the passing of Booth's father, and how Bones helps Booth comes to terms with it, in a way that brought tears to Booth's and certainly my eyes.  But I'll get to that in a minute.

First, a shout-out to a nice toochas oyfen tish - or more precisely, tush on the xerox - which, while not solving the case, helps swing it in a enjoyable direction, a take-off of sorts on Murder on the Orient Express, in which an ensemble of suspects seem guilty (one of whom with the tush in question),  but the killer turns out to be someone else.   It's been a fine Fall season for the toochas - what with Manny's primo pronunciation of the word over on Boardwalk Empire - and it was good to see Bones lend a hand.

But back to Booth's father.  Bones is at first at a loss in how to how to help Booth deal with the loss of a father whom he hated in many ways and with good reason.  Hank, in a powerful scene, tries to get Booth to see that Hank is grieving over the loss of his son - Booth's father - and the guilt Hank feels for the way that Booth's father turned out.  This affects Booth, but just barely. He accepts a small box that his father left for him,  but doesn't open it.  It's left for Angela to give Bones the best advice, as she usually does - just draw on who you are, Angela says, you're the one Booth loves.

And Bones does just that.   Applying her knowledge of quantum physics, and its paradoxical view that all times - present, past, and future - exist simultaneously when the universe is looked at in a certain way, Bones gets Booth to see that the good times he had with his father (for they weren't all bad) are with him right now.  That includes one of the best days of his life - when his father took him to a Phillies game - and Bones' quantum mechanical acumen is confirmed when Booth opens the box, and finds (among other meaningful things) that his father had saved those very two tickets to the baseball game. It had been an extraordinary day, a time worth never forgetting, for Booth's father, too.

As this was an extraordinary episode for Bones.  Everything is better through the lens of Bones and Booth being together.   More vibrant, more keen,  more quivering.   And making the loss of Booth's father the focus of that lens upped the payoff.  Where and when else on television can you see quantum mechanics, controversial and ambiguous as a hard science, used to such clear and uplifting effect in a human relationship?   Only by Bones on Bones, and in a show in which the dimensions of an ass-bone, as Booth puts it, also play a significant role.

For another story about quantum mechanics and human relationships, see The Chronology Protection Case.

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