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Monday, December 26, 2011


Bopping in here with a review of Unforgettable - not the Nat King Cole song, the new CBS series - which I've been watching this Fall, so far, 11 episodes, but haven't had a chance to review.

It's a good set-up - Carrie an NYPD detective has a better than photographic memory - she can recall not only everything she sees, but can pull into focus even tiny details on the periphery of her vision, that she almost didn't see, or wasn't aware of seeing, the first time.  Meanwhile, the one thing she doesn't remember enough of is who killed her sister, long ago, when she was a little girl.  Poppy Montgomery gives an appealingly sassy, sensitive performance.

Dylan Walsh - first seen years ago in Brooklyn South, another cop show - plays Det. Al Burns, Carrie's boss and de facto partner.  The two were also romantic partners years ago.  Carrie still thinks of him in that way, and Al feels the same way, deep down.  The rest of the squad is also a bit more memorable and wise-cracking and well written than the usual the NYPD precinct fare. 

Unforgettable also a colorful, real NYC ambiance, with real universities figuring in the story - NYU, CUNY, and hey, one episode even featured Fordham!  (Not my Communication and Media Studies Department, but the Sociology Department, pretty close.)  The series tries a little too hard, though, for social media currency, with one character talking about receipt of a "pdf," when clearly all that was needed was "text".

But the individual stories are diverting enough - almost as good as Law & Order: SVU's - and the central story, Carrie's hunt for the killer of her sister, receives enough attention in every episode to keep me watching.  I'll have more on Unforgettable in the New Year.

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