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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dexter and Debra: Dexter 6.11

Sometimes the next-to-last show of a season is even better than the finale.  I was thinking that about Dexter 6.11, until the coming attractions to next week's finale.

But here's the astonishing thing about 6.11.  I've been saying for a while that Dexter and Debra's relationship was going to change this season.  But I thought that was because Debra was finally going to get a glimpse of Dex's dark passenger - i.e., see that he was a serial killer, however otherwise kind and wonderful.  I didn't guess for a minute the way that their relationship has moved to being on the verge of changing tonight - changing to a physical couple, in all meanings of the phrase.

Deb dreamed about it, after a session with her shrink in which she (the shrink) suggested it.   Deb stalked out of the shrink's office at the very suggestion.  But the shrink did make the point that Deb and Dex are not biological sister and brother (though I still think there could be a chance that Harry is really Dexter's father, too).   And Deb wouldn't afterward have dreamed that Dexter kissed her, if some deep part of her didn't really want that.

This is the second week in a row that some kind of strange, unexpected, incest sex has been going on or suggested on television.  Dex are Deb were after all raised as sister and brother, even if they are not siblings biologically.  And last week we saw Jimmy sleeping with his mother on Boardwalk Empire (I'll review the finale of that fine season later tonight).   What's the world of cable television coming to?   Well, I guess it's certainly more realistic, off-the-wall, and stunning than it's ever been.

If Dex and Deb become a couple, that could have profound consequences on the future of the series, in addition to the obvious reasons.   Deb could find out about Dex's killing ways, and not be obligated to testify against him, if she was his wife.

But that's getting ahead of the story, and  is a probably at least a year or two off.   For next week, Dex still has to deal with Travis, who, according to the glimpses of next week's finale, has his eyes set on Harrison.   But, you've got it to hand it the writers for the Dexter-Debra thing:  in many ways, it's a logical development.   Where else can either now go for true comfort, giving what both have gone through for the past six years?

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