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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Finale: Through the Eyes of a Different Love

Well, I've been predicting all season that what we see in the very last scene of the Dexter Season 6 finale would happen - in fact, it's been in the cards, lurking behind almost every scene, for years.   It had to happen, sooner or later.   Dexter had been living on the borrowed time of it not happening, surviving any number of razor close calls, for years.  It had to happen.  It was inevitable.

But I never thought or predicted for a second that it would happen this way.   That Debra would discover the truth about Dexter, catch him in the very act of ritual murder, only after she had come to realize her deep love for him.  Not sisterly love.  Full fledged romantic, passionate, soul mate love.

This love may well inncoculate Dexter from Debra turning him in - giving not only the brother, but the man she loves, over to the police system.  Also, Dexter may be able to convince Debra that his killing of Travis was a first time thing, provoked by Travis trying to sacrifice Harrison.   There's no necessary connection between Dexter's killing of Travis and all of Dexter's other killing - his trademarked serial killings that we the audience know so well.  This always the big advantage of Dexter disposing so completely of the bodies.

But Deb has shown herself to be one sharp crime solver.   She has a keen nose for the truth.  Love for Dexter may blind her, but likely Dexter's explanations, however clever they may be, will eventually unravel if Debra puts her mind to it.  And likely a part of her will be unable to resist doing this - assuming Dexter doesn't tell her the whole truth in the first episode next season, which seems highly unlikely.

So real the question from now on is how long Deb's love for Dexter will keep her from turning him in - could be forever, could be sooner than that.  Could even be she'll in some sense approve of what Dexter has been doing.

One thing is now sure.  Dexter has changed in the most major way since its beginning - more so than when Rita was killed at the end of Season 4.  I'm thinking, though I've loved all Dexter these past six seasons, that it could even be a change for the better.

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Anonymous said...

Colin Hanks did an exclusive live interview right after the finale ended on the show Stupid For Dexter. He talked about the whole Travis/Gellar storyline, when he knew, and all the inside stuff. Check it out- http://youtu.be/lKc5IaMV7Ns It's on the Streamin' Garage Youtube channel.