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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dexter 7.6: "Breaking and Entering"

Tonight's excellent Dexter 7.6 was an episode in double entendre.  Dexter tells Hannah he wants to take her out.  She thinks he means on a date.  His voice-over narration tells us he means it as a hit - he wants to kill her in the classic Dexter manner.  But we and he both know he also means something different - close to a date and what can happen after, if the date is not with a serial killer.

I've been figuring all along - see my review last week of Dexter 7.5 - that the contest in Dexter's mind between wanting to kill Hannah and wanting to nail her - in the erotic sense - would be won by the sex.  Obviously there's been a strong sexual attraction in evidence.  It was a close call tonight.   But Dexter is, in his own way, getting better - i.e., a bit more able to break away from his way of life and death.  He did get rid of the trophy slides, after all.  And although Deb's attempt to cure him obviously didn't work completely or even mostly, it seems to have worked a little.

Because tonight, the combination of Dexter's healthy libido and his slight healing of serial killer urges resulted in something far different between him and Hannah.  He knocks her out with his needle and puts her on the table.  He tapes her mouth and body and then removes the tape from her mouth.  He lifts his knife in the classic Dexter way and plunges it-

Into the table and then the tape binding Hannah.  In the eternal battle between libido and thanatos that Freud saw metaphorically waging in all human beings, but which waged in Dexter literally tonight, libido won.  Sex and life won over death.

It was good to see.   Life is better than death.  Dex and Hannah looked good on that table.   When the two were standing outside the amusement park, all locked up, and Hannah asks Dex how they would get inside, he responds - by "breaking and entering".   And you could say that's also what happened in the rest of the episode tonight.  Dexter broke his ritual, and, well, entered Hannah.

Meanwhile, in the other most compelling part of the season, LaGuerta continues her probe of the Bay Harbor Butcher.  Each week we get another facet from Dexter's six earlier seasons.  Tonight is was Jordan Chase, Dexter's target in the Lumen year (Season 5).  Deb even says Lumen's name at some point, inviting a comparison - at least, in my mind - between Lumen and Hannah.

No comparison.  Hannah's much better - and will be a much better ally or whatever for Dexter as LaGuerta closes in.

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Anonymous said...

It's the Bay HARBOR Butcher, not City.

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks - I've corrected - I must've had the Bay City Rollers on my mind...