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Monday, November 5, 2012

Homeland 2.6: What Brody Knows

Homeland 2.6 continues its pounding story, like an anvil on a nerve, only slightly paranoid, about possible enemies within our country.

Carrie tamed Brody, maybe, at the end of 2.5 - maybe, because, in this show, with these people, you never know.  He's given us Roya, but tonight, as Carrie and crew track Roya and try to pick up the conversation she has with her contact, the equipment they're using is not up to the task.   Or maybe no equipment would be.  But the microphone is too far away.  This will prove to be a crucial shortfall.

Because it turns out that Roya is telling her contact to go to Gettysburg, to the late tailor's shop, to get a  mega-power bomb.  Our team, headed by Peter, gets there first.  Peter is feeling the wall, just on the verge of realizing that there's something behind it-

When a commando team comes in, firing.  Now I don't quite get how a full-fledged terror commando team - that is, a team working for Nazir - could have such unimpeded movement in the United States.  They did what - pretended to someone that they were a real, American commando team?  Doesn't quite add up - even 24 didn't quite take such liberties, at least not without more context and explanation.

But it was stunning move.  Everyone except Peter is killed.  And the commandos walk out with the bomb.

And we're left wondering, as always, whether we can believe Brody when he insists that he knew nothing about the raid.  Although, actually, the wondering is now more intense.  Until last week, when Brody was more or less broken, we could know with some degree of confidence that he was lying when he told any loyal American that he knew nothing of a terrorist plot.   But now, maybe, just maybe, he's telling the truth ...

Nah ... I don't know how, but I have a feeling he's still lying.  Maybe we'll see next week, though it will likely take longer.

On a note off screen, we should at least know the results of our election by then.  I certainly hope so.  It's good have a President who watches and enjoys Homeland, as Obama does.

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