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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bones 8.7: Dollops in the Sky with Diamonds

Wow, love was in the air tonight in this pre-Thanksgiving Bones 8.7.

A surprise romance between Cam and Aristoo sets the festive table.  Aristoo gives Cam a book of his poetry - in Farsi - and Hodgins is soon on to this.  Aristoo makes Hodgins promise not to tell anyone, but you just know that's not going to last.

Hodgins runs the poetry through his best translation program, and malapropisms ensue.  These are inspiration for "dollops in the sky" - I added "with diamonds" - through which Hodgins professes his love for Angela from a vantage point up on the roof - ~up on the ro-oo-oof~ - where the two see Cam and Aristoo below.

But the best expressions of love comes from our best couple.  Bones is exploring the nature of feeling the truth with no logical reasons to know something is true.   She's sure the bad guy is the villain, but can't explain why.  And when she's proven right, she's uncomfortable with the fact that she was right without a reason.    Like a true scientist, Bones does not think pure poetry is enough.

But in another concluding Bones-Booth scene that is pure poetry, Booth astutely tells Bones that some of the deeper, mystical, beautiful things in life defy logical explanation - like, for instance, why the two love each other.   Bones can't even give three reasons why she loves Booth.  And Booth, when asked, can't even give a single reason why he loves Bones.

Is Bones angry?  As a scientist, shouldn't she?  But she says, instead, that Booth's inability to give even a single reason is a wonderfully endearing statement of love indeed.  Spoken like a true poet - which, in addition to being scientist, Bones once again shows us she is - at least, when it comes to Booth.

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